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  Nonlinear Science Seminars

--ALL LECTURES Monday 2:00 pm in Conference Room N110 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED


01/21/02 Martin Luther King Birthday, Institute holiday
(no seminar scheduled)

02/08/02 Ronald Fox, CNS
Rectified Brownian motion and kinesin motion along microtubules
NOTE: Emory Physics Colloquium

02/11/02 Arkady Pikovsky, Potsdam
Synchronization phenomena in chaotic systems

02/18/02 Barry Barker, UC Berkeley
NOTE: GT Physics Colloquium

02/25/02 Gytis Baranauskas, UI at Chicago
Voltage gated Channels: their role in information transfer

03/01/02 Azadeh Samadani
The physics of moist granular materials
NOTE: Emory Physics Colloquium

03/04/02 Georgia Tech Recess to 3/8

03/11/02 Frank Moss, Univ. of Missouri at St. Louis
Behavioral Stochastic Resonance in the Paddlefish Electroreceptor System.

03/18/02 Ronald L. Calabrese, Emory University
Modeling a Neuronal Network at Three Different Levels: Lessons from the Leech Heartbeat Central Pattern Generator

03/25/02 Hermann Riecke, Northwestern U.
Instabilities and Spatio-Temporal Chaos in Hexagonal Patterns

03/29/02 John deBruyn
Experiments in granular materials
NOTE: Emory Physics Colloquium

04/01/02 Mary Silber, Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University
Faraday Wave Pattern Formation

04/05/02 Benny Davidovitch, Exxon
Coarsening of porous media
NOTE: Emory Physics Colloquium

04/08/02 Jon Keating, Bristol
Orbit bifurcations and quantum fluctuation statistics

04/15/02 Howard S. Taylor, U of Southern California
The Use of Nonlinear Dynamics for the Interpretation of Complex Molecular Vibrational Spectra

04/22/02 Bob Behringer, Duke
Force Propagation and Fluctuations in Granular Materials

04/29/02 Haim Diamant, U. Chicago
Topography and instability of biphasic monolayers

05/13/02 Barton Smith, Utah State University
Oscillating Flow Near an Entrance/Exit

Apr 30 - May 4: final exams
May  3 - end of spring term