GT IGERT 2004 NSF preproposal #0436799

Dynamics in Many Dimensions
Index of GT IGERT '04 preproposal tex files

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      LaTeX                 Last modified      Compiled  Description

[   ] 10-Sep-2003 -- (all source files)
[   ] project.tex 10-Sep-2003 pdf ps LaTeX this one to compile the preproposal

what d'you call it? ME Hay advice GT commitments

[   ] summary.tex 10-Sep-2003 pdf ps (KW) uploaded separately to NSF
[   ] vision.tex 10-Sep-2003 -- (KW)
[   ] faculty.tex 10-Sep-2003 -- (DG)
[   ] research.tex 26-Sep-2003 -- (PC)
[   ] education.tex 25-Sep-2003 -- (RG)
[   ] organization.tex 10-Sep-2003 -- (PC)
[   ] resources.tex 10-Sep-2003 -- (PC)
[   ] prior.tex 26-Sep-2003 -- (PC)
NSF budget excell 16-Apr-2004 -- budget (MS, PC)
[   ] NSF budget pdf 16-Aug-2001 -- budget (MS, PC)
[   ] refs.tex 10-Sep-2003 -- (PC)


Other files:

[   ] nsfFormat.tex           07-Aug-2001           --  blank NSF style formating file

Secretary - type update in order to carry out all of these and more:
dvipdfm -o ../PDF/project.pdf project.dvi
dvips -o ../PS/ project.dvi
tth -a -i -e2 -Lproject -v < project.tex > ../HTML/project.html
to upload figures to NSF FastLane, first update, or manually create
tar -cvzf project.dgz NSFproject.dvi FigVortex.eps
then upload project.dgz.
If other conversions from dvi to pdf fail, try this:
latex NSFproject
dvips -Ppdf -t letter NSFproject.dvi -o
ps2pdf project.pdf
(then upload NSF FastLane)
Apr 17 2004 - Predrag Cvitanovic