Dynamics in Many Dimensions - GT IGERT '04 Proposal

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 Editor: KW,  editing group: PC, RH, LT

Project Summary; Vision, Goals, and Thematic Basis

Editor: PC,  editing group:  ED, GG, EV, DRW

Major Research Efforts

Editor: RS,  editing group: ER, JY, PKY, MY

Recruitment, Mentoring, and Retention;
Recruitment and Retention History

Editor: LAB,  editing group: PC, MS, TU

International Collaboration

Editor: RG,  editing group: EMH, CAK, PJM, MS, HMZ

Education and Training

Editor: PKY,  editing group: PC, RFF, GPN

Organization, Management, and Institutional Commitment;
Performance Assessment;
Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources;
list of potential (non)reviewers: html - pdf

Editor: RS,  editing group: PC

Cover Sheet;
List of Participants;
Recent Traineeship Experience and Results from Prior NSF Support;
References Cited;
Biographical Sketches and Current Research Support;
Supplementary Documentation

Editor: MFS,  editing group: YHC, FS, PKY

Style Editor: PJM,  editing group: KK, RS

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