GT IGERT 2004 NSF proposal #0436799

Dynamics in Many Dimensions
editing hints (for Raenell)

FastLane PI, CoPI and staff editing login

[   ] nsfFormat.tex           07-Aug-2001           --  blank NSF style formating file


cd ~/igert/TEX
check version in project.tex
edit, frequently typing
./updateigert  (public version)    or
./updateIGERT  (draft version)

less frequently create the new

type update in order to carry out all of these and more:
dvipdfm -o ../PDF/project.pdf project.dvi
dvips -o ../PS/ project.dvi
tth -a -i -e2 -Lproject -v < project.tex > ../HTML/project.html

to upload figures to NSF FastLane, first update, or manually create
tar -cvzf project.dgz NSFproject.dvi FigVortex.eps
then upload project.dgz.

If other conversions from dvi to pdf fail, try this:
latex NSFproject
dvips -Ppdf -t letter NSFproject.dvi -o
ps2pdf project.pdf
(then upload NSF FastLane)

Oct 18 2004 - Predrag Cvitanovic