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Nonlinear Phenomena, Dynamics and Complexity

Spring Quarter 1998

Mathematics E-12 W  3:10-5:00
Lunt 107
Amie Wilkinson
Brownian Motion, Harmonic Measures, and Foliations
Appl. Math. D12-3 MW  2:00-3:30
Tech 3827
Mary Silber
Group Theoretic Methods in Bifurcation Theory
Physics D16-2 TTh 12:00 - 13:30
Tech 3827
Predrag Cvitanovic´
Statistical mechanics; advanced topics graduate course, in small part based on a subset of Classical and quantum chaos lecture notes
Mechanical Engineering D29-0 - 20 MWF 9:00  9:00
1395 TCH
Seth Lichter
Turbulent flows
Physics D60-0 MW  2:00-3:30
Tech 1384
Sara A. Solla
Introduction to neural computation
Appl. Math. D-21-3 TTh  2:30-4:00
Tech 2307
Hermann Riecke
Introduction to Hamiltonian Chaos and Statistical Mechanics

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