24 Dec 2001

I worked with Nenad at Northwestern Medical School when we both worked for Dr Singer, years 80-83. I was a research engineer (biomedical, computers). He and I kept in contact thru the years after I moved on out of the University environment to the commercial world and moved to New York. He and I enjoyed a shared passion for racket ball during the afternoons (a break from work) and films shown at near-northside art theaters. He was one of the SUV pioneers when he started driving his brown jeep (with canvas top), but of course, immediately stopped when the masses started to drive them. It was a novel way to get back and forth to work. We both used bicycles to commute when the weather permitted. Even then, he talked about rowing to work via canals, rivers, lake from his house on the near north side to his office. The problem was the lack of a mooring facility on Lake Michigan near work.

After I left the Chicago, he always related his interest rowing, the Concept II rowing machine and the rowing community. The Concept II manufacturer sponsored regional contests for rowers during the winter months and my older sister Marie, competed during the late 80s and 90s. The manufacture even flew the regional winners from all over the world to a finals contest, usually held in the Boston area. I am not sure whether Nenad competed in these Concept II contests. Nenad met Marie and myself near San Francisco, in the early 90s when he was scouting for a boat builder. Marie competitively rowed during the 80s and 90s even though she never rowed in college. She began ocean rowing in California out of Sausalito, moved on to US Team racing (pre Olympics) and to Boston and still competes in several rowing events each year. i.e. Head of the Charles in Boston. I know that Nenad sought out members of the rowing community when he began his rowing quest. It's a lonely pursuit and he enjoyed meeting my sister.

Nenad and I spoke during the years and he always sent correspondence (email, photos) about his adventures (across Lake Michigan) and his second family with two daughters to go with the two sons from the first marriage. He was always intrigued by my life and adventures (computers, flying, victorian house restorations, real estate ventures, my partners and extended families). Currently, I live in New Jersey directly across Manhattan with my extended-adopted family and support all things network/internet for Con Edison. I know Nenad would have been intrigued with our continuing battle with viruses, network attacks and the tools we deploy to "see" what is going on in our networks.

April Fools is still his day.
My thoughts of him will always remain.