September 2 2002

We have done the impossible and turned a little boy in the womb to a little girl on the outside. She was born on LABOR day at 3:25 am by Cesearean. She is 20 1/4 inches long and big enough to just not quite fit thru the door. No name yet but Jamie Elizabeth or Lisa Elizabeth or Lisa and then the Cambodian name for September are all thoughts. So, onward into the new dimension.

Chanda and MacWain Phillips, on behalf of (Lisa?) Phillips

Newborn 1
(378 Kb)
Newborn 2
(368 Kb)
The mother and the baby
(384 Kb)
Chanda and LisaBeth Kahnyah
MacWain with LBK, day 1
At the beach near Sausalito (11/16/02)
Chanda in her element (11/16/02)
Lisa's bew bed (01/13/03)
7 months (04/02/03)

September 24 2002

Just over 3 weeks old.  LisaBeth (from Lisa who died and Elizabeth my mom) Kahnyah (phonetic spelling of the Cambodian word for September which is used as a girl's name in Cambodia) Phillips is doing very well.  She went from 8lbs 2 oz to 6lbs 14oz back to now 10lbs 6oz.and gaining.  She likes to pick her head up off my chest and check out the world.  Likes noisy places and movement.
Scary wonderful sleep deprived life.
Mac (your other brother)       

November 19 2002

She just started talking 2 days ago. We are looking for an interpreter now.

October 3 2003

She started walking one day about 7 weeks ago.  Before that, she has been standing in anything that moves; strollers, shopping carts, back pack, etc. etc. and developed such a balance, she just stood up one day and walked.  No falling, no teetering, just walked the length of the kitchen and sat down next to my foot in the dining area.  Most amazing thing!
thumbs/030904-001.png thumbs/030904-006.png
She likes wearing glasses.  Mimicking papa, no lenses yet!!!
Chanda and LisaBeth are in Cambodia for 10 days now visiting my mother-in-law. I leave on the 9th and there is a 300+ person celebration for her with several monks in high places coming to honor her on the 14th and 15th.

  Oct 4 2003 - Predrag Cvitanovic'