Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics

WHAT IS...a Pseudoholomorphic Curve?
Simon K. Donaldson

János Bolyai, Non-Euclidean Geometry, and the Nature of Space--ABook Review
Reviewed by Robert Osserman

Henri Poincaré. A Life in the Service of Science
Jean Mawhin

Interview with Arild Stubhaug
Ulf Persson

The Mathematical Science Institutes
William Rundell

Reaching for Common Ground in K-12 Mathematics Education
Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Jeremy Kilpatrick,R. James Milgram, Wilfried Schmid, and Richard Schaar

Levin Receives 2005 Kyoto Prize

MathSci Matters
Norman Richert

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Statistics on Women Mathematicians Compiled by the AMS

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Interview with Heisuke Hironaka
Allyn Jackson
The Notices talks to the distinguished Japanese mathematician about hislife and work.

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Ground Control to Niels Bohr: Exploring Outer Space with AtomicPhysics
Mason A. Porter and Predrag Cvitanovic
The motion of bodies in space--such as comets, asteroids, andspacecraft--follow chaotic trajectories, as do excited electrons. The authorsdiscuss how the mathematical connections between these different scale, butotherwise related, nonlinear dynamical systems are helping astrophysics andchemistry.


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"Opinion: Mathematics Curriculum--Essential Knowledge for Mathematicians" - Glenda Lappan (Michigan State University), Barbara Reys and Robert Reys(University of Missouri)
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