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  Nonlinear Science Seminars

Fall 2003 -

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--ALL LECTURES Thursday at 11:00AM in Conference Room N110 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED

01/09 P.K. Yeung, School of Aerospace Engineering, GT
Studies of turbulence scaling by direct numerical simulations

01/16 Itai Cohen, Harvard
Scaling Dependence on the Fluid Viscosity Ratio in the Selective Withdrawal Transition

01/23 Divakar Viswanath, University of Michigan
Symbolic dynamics for the Lorenz attractor and for a resonayes in the solar system.

01/30 Kresimir Josic, University of Houston
Phase synchronization in chaotic systems

01/30 at 2PM in W505 Mitchell G. Moore, University of Texas at Austin
Unsteady Growth and Relaxation of Viscous Fingers

02/13 Thomas Prellberg, Technische Universitat Clausthal, Germany
Spectral Analysis of Transfer Operators associated with Intermittency

02/17 Marcos Saraceno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Classical decays in open quantum maps (CANCELLED)

02/18at 2PM in N110 Keng-Hwee Chiam, Caltech, Pasadena
Dynamics and transport properties of spiral defect chaos in convection

02/20 Gennady Cymbalyuk, Department of Biology, Emory
Dynamical behaviors of the leech heart interneurons

03/10 Philippe Jacquod, Leiden University
Quantal Andreev Maps: A New Paradigm of Quantum Chaos in Superconductivity
03/13 Arshad Kudrolli, Clark University
Vortices, Clustering, and Segregation Dynamics in Granular Materials

03/20 Nikolai Rulkov, University of California, San Diego
Modeling of chaotic bursting activity with 2-D map-based models

03/27 Gemunu Gunaratne, University of Houston
How to Find Out When Bones May Break

04/03 M. Raymond Flannery, Georgia Institute of Technology
Collision Processes In Ultra Cold Rydberg Plasmas
04/14 - 11AM Jerry Gollub, Haverford College and University of Pennsylvania
Phase synchronization in chaotic systems
04/17 - 11AM Tom Osborn, University of Manitoba
How quantization creates curvature in magnetic phase space
04/17 - 2PM Boris Malomed, Tel Aviv University
Stable Spinning Optical Solitons in Three Dimensions
04/24 Felix Izrailev
Ballistic Scattering in Waveguides with Corrugated Surfaces.